10 Row Towable Bleachers

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Towable Bleachers

These Patented Towable Bleachers set up in just minutes. Plug and play in all the best ways.  So light they are towable by a conventional F-250 pick-up. 10 Row bleachers seat up to 175 people with a designated ADA companion seating area.  Extra heavy landing gear makes leveling the trailer a breeze. We meet or exceed the most stringent state & county codes. 


So EZ even a 5 year old can open them!


Height Length Depth
11'9" (3.58 m)
32' (9.75 m)
19' (5.79 m)
Closed (Travel)
13'2" (4.011 m)
35' (10.67 m)
8'6" (2.59 m)

Why buy towable bleachers?

Older types of bleachers, known as ‘build on site bleachers’ in the industry, take hours or even days to get set up and get into place for an event. 

Build-on-site bleachers sometimes require special permits. While our highly portable, towable grand stands are ready in minutes with a simple press of a button.

Save time, money, and energy by purchasing our mobile seating solution, the towable bleacher.

10 Row Towable Bleachers are great for...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Bleachers

Our highly portable, towable bleachers start around $9,995 for 3-Row grandstands.

10-Row mobile bleachers range in cost depending on features, starting from $69,995

With bleacher rentals starting at $1,995/day up to $3,000+ per day per set of bleachers, you can realize a good ROI and savings by purchasing your own portable bleachers.

Our portable, towable bleachers set up in less than an hour with the press of a button.

Compare that to the 30+ hours that conventional build-on-site mobile bleachers take to assemble.

Common events that rent portable bleachers

What kind of events require bleacher rentals?  Take a look at this list of popular events that regularly rent mobile bleachers on an annual basis.