3 Row Portable Bleachers

Portable Bleachers

These 3 Row bleachers seat up to 20 people comfortably. They are extremely light weight. The best part is since they are on large rubber casters you can easily move them from one location to another. Very simple and fast set up.


Height Length Depth
11' (335.28 cm)
5' 6" (167.64 cm)
2' 10" (86.36 cm)

Why go portable?

These awesome 3 Row Bleachers can be moved without a truck. They are able to roll on attached wheels through any standard double door. Easily placed by one person, simply tip the seating section onto the ground and unfold the fence backing for a quick seating solution.

They can be transported longer distances via a utility trailer as needed. 

3 Row Portable Bleachers are great for...

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