About US

After almost 20 years of building and renting portable build on site bleachers it was high time to come up with a better solution. We have participated in events all over the country and lugged planks, rails, bolts and all the rest on flat bed trailers. We had to have a team of expert assemblers  on site along with lots of very expensive day laborers to hand build these dinosaurs. They looked beautiful and worked very well but boy was it ALOT of WORK. 

In a Eureka moment one of our founders thought there has to be a better way! Mike B spent literally thousands of hours refining a design to make it super simple, fast and safe to drive. All that work has led to the creation of the Patent Pending Towable bleacher.  15 minutes from arriving on site we can be completely ready for people in the grand stands cheering on their favorite team.

Sell what we believe to be a completely unique product.  We also operate a rental fleet of all our products. This allows for a real world R&D dept. We are always looking for ways to improve the products selfishly because it makes our team’s life better and easier too.

Whether you are a 

Schools, Municipalities, Churches, Fairgrounds, Public Park, Rental Center, or just looking to get started in an extremely lucrative business; we have the product line to make your life easy and provide a great seating solution for your patrons.

We have our rental/sales office in Boynton Beach, Florida and our Factory/Warehouse in Brooksville, FL . Feel free to give us a call to set up a live demonstration. 

“So Easy even a 5 year old can do it”!